Analogue Solutions AS200 Colossus ‘Slim’


    When Analogue Solutions introduced the AS100 Colossus back in 2019, they went ‘large’ with a new mega-synth that embraced the design ethos from the dawn of analogue synths. The design inspiration was of course from the 1970’s EMS Synthi 100, however no circuits from the Synthi were cloned or copied and whilst at first glance it looks the same, that’s where the similarity ends — internally it’s a completely modern synth based on circuits from Analogue Solutions’ Polymath, Telemark and Vostok synths.

    Analogue Solutions have now expanded the Colossus range with the smaller footprint AS200 ‘Slim‘, which takes up 50% less desk space but still features all the same audio and modulation circuits of the AS100 ‘Classic’ and weighs 15kg less at a more manageable 40kg! This has been achieved by using an LCD two-channel scope instead of a CRT and the pin-board matrices are half-height compared to the Classic’s, plus there’s a slimmer wooden case. The matrices are also totally independent and are not internally wired, allowing you to patch both internal and external gear into the matrices as required.

    All the voice and modulation circuits are 100% analogue. Analogue Solutions have purposely steered away from digital and it doesn’t have MIDI or USB (there are plenty of MIDI converter boxes out there should you need that facility). The Colossus wasn’t designed to be a solution for the modern digital studio but rather a serious analogue power house of sound. Of course, there are digital elements to the sequencer control — even classic analogue sequencers like the ARP sequencer use digital logic chips. In fact the original Synthi 100 featured a digital sequencer.

    Like the Classic, the Slim offers 12 x Analogue VCO, 2 x LFO, 4 x VCA, 8 x VCF, 2 x Noise Generators, 4 x Envelopes and 2 x Ring Modulators. There are two spring reverbs, a 64-step sequencer, moving coil meters, joysticks and much more. See the full specification for further details

    Since its launch, the AS100 Classic has been purchased by the likes of Hans Zimmer, Pete Townsend, DeadMau5, Max Richter plus many other serious pro users.

    Whilst the AS200 Slim is a standalone synth, it has been designed to elegantly stack on top of a Colossus AS100 Classic for a grand ‘double height’ system, to provide even more creative possibilities and look even more amazing!

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