Aodya Anyma Phi

    French electronic instrument innovators Aodyo have just released a new desktop sound module. The Anyma Phi is fundamentally a semi-modular synthesizer, but in addition to the expected oscillators, filters and LFOs, it boasts a physical modelling engine capable of reproducing the sound of any number of acoustic sounds, from traditional instruments like guitar and reed instruments to the sounds of wood, glass and metal being struck, plucked or bowed.

    Physical modelling is the process of mathematically calculating the sound that would occur if an object of known properties is excited in a particular way. It’s also notoriously complex, but here it’s presented as a series of intuitive user-adjustable macros, with explanatory names like Timbre, Vibrate, Resonate, Material and Geometry.

    On the traditional side of things, the Anyma Phi’s synth engine is a fairly standard three-oscillators subtractive affair, with plenty of modulation options available including mod slots for its envelope generators, LFOs, interpolators and so on. It also responds to external modulation input, including pitch bend, velocity, breath control, and four additional assignable sources.

    As well as being a sound generator, the Anyma Phi can also act as an effects processor. It can filter and modulate external sources, and you can also apply external sounds to the physical modelling engine, so that transients trigger virtual string plucks and so on. Perhaps even more intriguingly, the Anyma Phi sports a built-in piezo microphone, which you can again send to the physical modeller — so you can truly ‘play’ the instrument by tapping, scraping, scratching and rubbing it.

    The Aodyo Anyma Phi is available to buy now, and priced at €499. Check out the video below to hear it in action!

    Video of Anyma Phi: Version 1.0 Sneak Peek

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