Free tape sim from Arturia

    Arturia have just released a new plug-in, and until December 31st 2021 they’re giving it away for free! MELLO-FI is described as a “unique lo-fi effect”, and it’s said to offer the sound of the classic tape-based proto-sampling keyboard, the Mellotron.

    “The combination of tape reels, analog circuitry, and ageing over time gave the Mellotron a distinct sound,” say Arturia. “Fluttering, grainy, compressed; these qualities have become an endearing part of the ‘Tron sound.”

    User control comes courtesy of adjustable noise, wow, flutter, wear and mechanics (the last two progressively ‘ageing’ the modelled tape mechanics), and you can also apply high/low-pass filtering, engage a stereo width enhancer, and add distortion. There’s even a tempo sync’able tape stop feature.

    To hear MELLO-FI in all its warbly glory, check out the video below. Scroll down a little further for a link to claim your free copy!

    Video of Tape MELLO-FI | Deluxe LO-FI Bliss

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