Jamie Kimmett Involved in Major Car Accident

    This week on social media, Jamie Kimmett’s team shared that Jamie was involved in a major car accident on Friday while driving home from a concert in Arkansas.

    Doctors say that it was “remarkable” and “1000-1” that Jamie survived. He was hit by an 18 wheeler truck and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. He’s currently stable, and his team is asking fans to donate to the GoFundMe they set up for him.

    “As Jamie is from Scotland and has no medical insurance, I have set up a funding page on his behalf,” Lorna from Jamie’s team shared. “I’ve started it off looking to raise $50k, but that may increase. Please be assured everything raised will go towards Jamie’s recovery and ensuring he can (God willing) return to making music and ministering.”

    Please join us in praying for Jamie. If you would like to give to the GoFundMe, click here. We will be sharing updates as they become available.

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