The Justin Moore Kids are Growing Up Fast

Country music singer Justin Moore and his wife, Kate, are proud of their daughters’ accomplishments. Read about the family’s first day of school this year…

The Justin Moore Kids of 3 girls and 1 boy are all growing up so fast!  Due to the fact that most schools start in August, the summer month can be a time of celebration as well as sadness. Many parents are sad when their kids start school for the year because it means their children will not be running around the house as much. On the other hand, country artist Justin Moore and his gorgeous wife, Kate, showed nothing but pride when their kids head off to school.  The couple welcomed their first son, Thomas South, who was born June 11, 2017 and is already 4 years old.  Thomas South joined three adorable older sisters!  Compare the 2020 off to school photo with the 2017 Off to School Image to see the growth of this adorable family.

Justin Moore’s kids— Ella Kole (2010), Kennedy Faye (2011), Rebecca Klein (2014), and Thomas South (2017)

2020 Off to School Image

In 2017, Justin Moore used Instagram to post a few cute photos of Ella (7), Kennedy (5), and Rebecca (3) all dressed up for the first day of classes!  Ella, Kennedy ,and Rebecca certainly rocked the big bow look! They are so cute!

2017 Photo Off to School

Rebecca Klein Moore, the youngest sister, was born July 14, 2014 and just turned 7 years old.

photo: Justin Moore Social Media

In the photo below, Rebecca is three-years-old and was ready to take on Pre-K. How precious!

photo: Justin Moore Instagram

Apparently Justin Moore is more accepting this year about how fast his daughters are growing up. Before Ella’s first day of Kindergarten, the country singer had a small breakdown. “We flew back from a show…on a Sunday evening, and she was starting on Monday, and I boo-hooed all the way home on the plane, and then I got home and my wife was asleep,” Moore told Taste of Country. “We got home at like midnight and I said, ‘How could you sleep at a time like this?! What is wrong with you?!’” After Kate explained that Ella was going to be just fine, Justin Moore replied, “I’m not gonna be fine!”

photo: Justin Moore Instagram

A couple years after her father’s emotional breakdown, Ella is set to take on 2nd grade. She looks excited!

photo: Justin Moore Instagram

Luckily for Justin and Kate Moore, they will still have many more first day of school pictures to take.

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Source From: Country Fan Cast